Tuesday, August 03, 2004

'shrooms, dude!

Last night the phone rang, with the distinctive "Inspector Gadget" ringtone, indicating Dave and Jennifer were stalking me. I answered and after the perfunctory greetings was asked "do you want some mushrooms?" For obvious reasons, this question took me aback for a moment. Then I considered the source (note for non-Laramites: Dave is our former Chief of Police and Jennifer is the former Health Inspector) and said "Um...sure." Apparently they've taken up wild 'shroom hunting, but only the edible, non-hallucinagenic varieties. They'd found a treasure trove and come back with 40 pounds of yummy fungus goodness. They were cleaning and cutting up a storm when I got there. I've never seen 40lbs. of wild mushrooms before. After 2.5 hours and 2 cocktails, it was home to bed. With a quart sized baggie full of diced, cleaned fungus. Mmm...

Blah. Don't you think it's kind of a blah day? I know many of us are feeling the impending onset of school...and cringing. I am so not ready to be gearing up for another semester. I wanna go back to Cali! I'm also ready for the weekend, when I shall spend the weekend up at Rendezvous, drinking and carrying on. I'll commute Wed and Thurs, but when I head up on Friday, I'm there, baby! I've got so much to do at work and can't afford to lose 2 days, but will you all join with me in singing a rousing chorus of "Is it Friday yet?"

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