Friday, August 13, 2004

On birthdays, or "I'm OLD!"

10 year class reunions. My first annual 29th birthday (you're crazy if you think I'm gonna turn 30...we gay men die at 30). It's all just sooooo unnerving! (Cue the Graham Norton music!)

Last night I went to celebrate Jennifer's 40th birthday with Rachelle and Mandy. We had such a great time. Throw some burgers on the grill, have a Cosmo (or 5), and laugh your ass off until midnight. Throw in a healthy dose of girl talk while Dave is speaking to the League of Women Voters, and you have a recipe for a great time. It made me realize, however, that there are now just 12 days until my very own birthday.

Historically, my birthday has always been a fairly minor event. When your "I-survived-another-year-how-the-hell-did-that-happen" day falls at the beginning of school, you get used to minimal hoopla. Especially when you go to college. Everyone is too busy. They're stressing over the start of school, paying for books, or running out of town for one last visit home/camping trip/weekend shopping binge/etc. When in elementary school and junior high. I was moderately bitter about this. These days I take a more realistic approach.

After all, I don't FEEL different after 8:32am on August 25th. I don't need to have my oil changed or tires rotated, though a little body work and a new paint job would be nice. I don't magically obtain newfound wisdom...that happens on an on-going basis. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy getting presents, but it's not about the loot either. I have one theory about why having a birthday bash is a happy thing, but want to see if any of my gentle (or not-so-gentle) readers are channeling my psyche today, so take a stab at it. Comment away!

****In other news, Mackenzie and I are plotting the now annual Birthday Triad Event, as he, Laura, and I all have birthdays within 4 days of one another. 2 years ago it was a collective birthday BBQ, but we can't afford that - we know too many people. Last year, the three of us and Zeus went to Red Lobster for the Endless Crab Feast. Alas, such a display of carnivorous gluttony is not scheduled at the right time this year. Dinner still sounded happy, so we're toying with the idea of sushi on the 21st. The date's set, thanks to 1) the start of school, 2) my having to train new employees the following week, and 3) birthdays in the middle of the week when we can't afford to take a day off. Location is still TBA. Fort Collins has more exotic restaurants and wider selecter, but Laramie has the benefit of not driving hither, thither, OR yon. Especially good since we've been known to have one (and only one, of course) celebratory cocktail. What do you all think?

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